Flowers of July

 Delphinium; It is the general name given to flowering plants in the buttercup family, whose color options range from pale pink to purple. There are also white varieties available. The delphinium plant can grow to a height of around 2 meters. In the past, the names larkspur and lice were used interchangeably for the same plant. However, recently, botanists have determined that both names belong to different genera, and it has been revealed that lice are annual plants and larkspur are perennial plants.

Delphinium, the real name of the delphinium plant, has its root in Greek, and the flower's half-open bud resembles the bottle-shaped noses of dolphins. The larkspur is likened to a lark's foot in shape, and therefore it is also called by names such as "lark's heel" and "lark's claw". The color of July is pink and it means open-heartedness. But this color evokes meanings such as indecision and talkativeness. Delphinium plant was brought to England towards the end of the 16th century, where it was believed to be good for poisonous bee stings. Legend has it that two boys were on a quest to turn the corner during the famous Gold Rush of 1849. Their adventures range from a home in the Midwest of America to the coast of California. Children are attacked by poisonous snakes and stink bugs along the way. Children, on the other hand, protect themselves from these attacks thanks to long delphinium plants.


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