Flowers of July

  Delphinium; It is the general name given to flowering plants in the buttercup family, whose color options range from pale pink to purple. There are also white varieties available. The delphinium plant can grow to a height of around 2 meters. In the past, the names larkspur and lice were used interchangeably for the same plant. However, recently, botanists have determined that both names belong to different genera, and it has been revealed that lice are annual plants and larkspur are perennial plants. Delphinium, the real name of the delphinium plant, has its root in Greek, and the flower's half-open bud resembles the bottle-shaped noses of dolphins. The larkspur is likened to a lark's foot in shape, and therefore it is also called by names such as "lark's heel" and "lark's claw". The color of July is pink and it means open-heartedness. But this color evokes meanings such as indecision and talkativeness. Delphinium plant was brought to England t

Flowers of August

  The name of the gladiolus flower derives from the Latin word "Gladius" meaning sword, because of the shape of the flower's petals. The homeland of the flower is Africa, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East. The growth of gladiolus flower was first witnessed more than 2000 years ago in the grasslands of Anatolia. Here, the flower was called "Crop Lily". Gladiolus flowers belong to the same flower family as iris flowers, whose colors are green, cream, yellow, buff, orange, salmon, crimson, pink, red, rose, lavender, purple smoked blue, bronze brown. The color most compatible with the month of August is yellow and it contains the message of sincerity and “You stole my heart”. The gladiolus flower grows in abundance in the Holy Land and on the vacant lots along the Mediterranean coast in northern Africa and is described as "Holy Crop Lilies" according to the Bible. In the past, crushed gladiolus roots were used to remove splinters and thorns th

Flowers of June

  Roses are one of the most popular types of flowers and the most well-known flower compared to other flowers. There is even a fossil record that roses existed even in prehistoric times. Roses were first planted in Asia about 5000 years ago. Red is a color associated with the month of June and carries the meanings of love, respect and the message “I love you”. There are various legends about the flower. According to one Rose Flower; After God expelled Adam and Eve from paradise, he blushed with embarrassment. Cleopatra sprinkled rose petals on Mark Anthony's paths. Nero, on the other hand, had roses thrown from the roofs of the houses onto the roads during the festivals. In Roman mythology, there is a beautiful woman named Rhodante, and this woman is constantly pursued by men who want to get married. Although the woman does not show her face, some go so far as to enter their house. Goddess Diana is very angry at this situation. He turns Rhodante into a beautiful rose and her